Guess I have to get lucky and happen to have the version that

Question I am about to end my 7 year streak of jailbreak

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canada goose outlet I decided to just https://www.canadagoosejacketonlines.ca upgrade to the latest Canada Goose Jackets version canada goose outlet and forget the jailbreak. I also just read that SHSH blobs don work anymore, although it is recommended that you save them in case they ever discover a way to use them again. Guess I have to get lucky and happen to have the version that is jailbreakable when a JB comes out. 10.2 stopped being signed 2 days after the jailbreak came out and I missed that one. I guess you can jailbreak if you don check the jailbreak forums every day. Thanks for your time. canada goose outlet

canada goose outlet in usa I going to get my 6s battery replaced free at the Apple Store and they won be able to diagnose the battery issue if I am on 9.3.3 anyway. I usually would canada goose clearance have just paid for the battery and done the replacement myself, but with the jailbreak being fucked up, canadian goose jacket the snarky comments on jailbreak forums, the people who don read my posts (that I spend a lot of time uploading pictures and compiling the information that I type up) and then just recommend things all matter of factly, after I already said I tried them. cheap canada goose uk canada goose outlet in usa

I just done for now. It took me over 6 mo and about 5 Canada Goose sale separate posts/reposts on here to get Uber Driver (NOT THE UBER APP, THE DRIVER APP FOR CHRIST SAKE FUCKING READ WHAT I TYPED OUT FOR YOU) to work on my jailbreak and the guy that helped me canada goose coats on sale suggested I use the qwertyuiop website to reinitialize my jailbreak after my phone dies. That was a mistake that cost me my jailbreak. I miss my productivity tweaks and my 5 column homescreen, but it not worth the headache anymore. Thanks to everyone that helped me but fuck this shit. It worse than when I got in to hackintosh. I never got frustrated enough to quit that. Bye bye everyone after 7 years.

It been weeks since I have inadvertently corrupted my Cydia files and directories canada goose leaving me with a half working jailbreak. I have canada goose coats asked for some help on here a couple times:

official canada goose outlet I about to take a shower and get ready for the day. If I don see a light at the end of the tunnel by then, I going to Canada Goose Parka reset my buy canada goose jacket phone completely and update to the latest version. official canada goose outlet

If you have any suggestions to help with this problem that already haven been detailed in the two canada goose uk shop posts I linked to, please let me know.

canada goose outlet shop Also, if anyone has any information on why I wouldn be able to save my SHSH blobs on iOS 10 link me to that as well. As far as I have seen in my research, SHSH blogs are still able to be saved on iOS 10 when you update canada goose outlet shop.

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