Web Basics Mini Series: Getting a Site Name (Domain)

Welcome to the first post of the Web Basics Mini Series – a no nonsense guide to getting your buying clomid online in australia site set up! This guide will help you understand how best to choose your website name and how to register it.

With over 644million active websites (according to Netcraft, Mar 2012), often the domain you want is already taken, so for the purposes of this post I will first show you how to:

(i) Register your domain

(when you see “domain” think website evista address i.e www.amazon.co.uk etc)

(ii) Considerations spiderman bouncy castle with slide when selecting your Domain


Registering your Domain

There is a minefield of hundreds of sites out there where you can register your domain, but personally I”d use either Domain Monster or GoDaddy to start. Both are very simple to use however as the prices differ with each different domain registrar, once you have chosen your site domain it is always best to shop around to make sure generic nexium you get the best price.inflatable water slide canada


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Start by searching for your perfect domain

i.e www.awesometees.com

Searching will display a number of different domains indicating whether they are taken or if they are available. The domains ending in .com, .org.uk or co.uk tend to be

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more popular and so unsurprisingly are more expensive, but from a perception point of view, they are often worth the moneyThe Inflatable Depot.

If you happen to find your perfect domain is free, you are one of the lucky few, so make your life simple and buy it before it gets taken!


As a note, “buying” a domain it”s actually more like renting as you only own it for a set period of time. You get discounts on the price the longer your register for it, so if it is a site with your own name or an established company it”s fine to buy it for a longer time period, but if it”s for a project / startup which (despite your best intentions) may or may not survive the test of time, you 20 mg of tadalafil are better off just registering for a year.


The domain I want is taken – what next?

If your ideal site name is taken then you have two options -

i) Buy the domain name off the existing owner

ii) Play with iterations of the name


Buy the domain name proscar off the existing owner

Before you rush off to get your mont blanc to sign a blank cheque – first of all visit the site. This will help you approach the sales process more strategically based on the activity of the site as per below:


- Active Website

If it takes you to a company website or an active site I probably wouldn”t continue to pursue this domain. The likelihood of convincing the owner to sell at a reasonable price is fairly slim, with domains casino pa natet like Insurance.com previously selling for $16million, the cost of premium domains might surprise you and often outweigh the benefit.


– Landing Pages

Many domains are purchased pre-emptively in the knowledge that they will http://pharmacy-7days-canadian.com/desyrel-cost.html be more valuable in the future. If you find a plain landing page or the site states “Interested in this domain?”, it is in fact a good sign as it indicates the owner is willing buy glucotrol to sell it.

In this case, contact the owner directly and put in an offer. If you have been blessed with previous successes that can be easily googled, to avoid paying a premium, I would consider contacting them through an alternative email address to prevent highlighting your actual resources to them.

When determining the offer price, as a starting point consider realistically how much you would sell the domain for if you flagyl dosage owned it and set paxil yourself a maximum before you begin the negotiations. Avoid going in too low as an insulting offer might sever any chance of buying the domain completely, but equally don”t get taken for a ride as often the value pharmacy online is based purely on perception of worth. If you make a reasonable offer, worst case scenario they will

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say no or come back with an offer which you can negotiate down from.

Finally there are also domain brokers (like Sedo) or pre-buying services, which will purchase the domain for you if the owner fails to renew, but neither of these options guarantee a result and if it is a premium domain it may never become available.




Selection Advice & Considerations

When choosing your domain there are a number of things to consider and a few key trends to be aware of.

- Generic names like www.toys.com and short domain names fetch much higher premiums, so make sure the the price you are willing pay reflects the value you expect it to deliver

- Make it easy to remember and easy to type

generic viagra

- Sites



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