Why becoming a Cork Fanatic or Purple Cow might be the best choice you’ve ever made.

Here”s a quick post inspired by Emma Gannon (@agirllostincity) & Philip Calvert (@PhilipCalvert) who presented at the “Secrets Behind Social Content” event, run by the Creative Content Collective during Social Media Week earlier this year.

Here”s a run down of the key takeaways from the night

Purple Cow - Stand out from the crowd - Seth Godin


Be the Purple Cow.

Via the wise words of Seth Godin, Emma Gannon suggests that becoming the Purple Cow is they key to making great content.

Despite not being the most buoyant of animals, becoming the Purple

Cow helps you stand out from the crowd and ensures your posts stay afloat amongst the streams of content being generated every second. By taking the time to consume others content and spiderman bouncy castle with slide develop your own perspective you online viagra can become memorable by differentiating yourself through your own content, opinions and personal brand.


Stay True to You.

With the pressures of creating content and driving traffic, it”s understandable オンライン カジノ why you might be tempted to try something controversial to increase your click through.

With an eagerness to be be bold and daring, be honest

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with yourself and make sure your what you communicate is true to you and what you wish to be associated with.

As your actions, messages and even tweets(!) reflect on your personal brand, it”s best to get the attention for the right reasons.airblown inflatables canada


The Simple Power of One Day.

This really is a perfect concept. The idea that in single day you can make a real change and a huge difference in a period of time which is far too often taken for granted.

By ring-fencing time out to dedicate to a project or a task, however big cialis online or small, whether it be writing a post or catching up with the family, it”s amazing what can be achieved in just a day.

Continuing this philosophy and making small incremental changes and improvements in the long run really can make a difference.

“Enough molehills is all you need to have a mountain.”

- Seth Godin


Don”t believe the analytics, believe the people: Why visuals are so important.

The rise of Pinterest and sale of instagram lie in tribute to the importance of visuals in creating engaging content. We”ve all been there before, burning time on facebook and mindlessly perusing the holiday snaps of someone who”s name you barely remember.

Using strong images can change even the most routine experiences into memorable ones.

Memorable Visual Experiences: The best view of the Thames from a Toilet I have ever seen.

Memorable Visual Experiences: The best view of the Thames from a Toilet I have ever seen
- HMS President, London


Kick Boxing Cork Fanatic Financiers Unite: The power of targeting Micro Niches

With the internet taking a “byte” out of physical borders, and social media empowering you to shout across the world from your bedroom – the chance of discovering someone with your same “uniquely weird” interests might be easier than you think.

Even with the bespoke request of finding kick-boxing cork fanatic financiers in London (I met two that night alone), by targeting a niche and making yourself relevant, you”ll start to find that people with similar interests (however weird and wonderful) will naturally begin to gravitate towards you.

Rather than generic words ringing deaf on a thousand ears, pick your niche and tailor your message to a select few and you”ll begin to start more meaningful conversations and discover a community growing at your finger tips.


Feeding the Fish




Big shout out to the guys at the Creative Content Collective & Quad who ran the event!

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