Why Christmas & New Years themselves are the greatest gift of the season.

2013 - New Year

Despite not technically celebrating either, Christmas and New Year have become two of my favourite times of the year. It”s a time when everyone comes together, exchange presents, and gains a renewed purpose to life.

I wanted to share why I believe that it”s the time itself is the greatest gift of the season and how I try to make the most of it.

Reaching out.

In the weeks following Christmas and New Years, I”ve received more messages from old friends, colleagues and acquaintances than in the previous 2 months. It”s that pleasant surprise that you”re still in the hearts of minds of people who you thought had long since passed, that gives you that happy feeling of being remembered.

We all have those friends who for whatever reasons we”ve slowly drifted away from but wish we could reach out to, so make use of the free pass that has be granted to you and wish a happy new year to that old friend or colleague and get back in touch.


The decisions been made, so stop procrastinating.

When doing most things in life, I’ve often found it’s the decision itself that is the hardest part. With New Years typically beginning with a whole host of New Years resolutions, you”ve spiderman bouncy castle with slide already made the decision, so whilst your goal is in your minds-eye, take action and make the first step, as without this, you are yet to commit to the decision you think you have madebouncy castles for sale.

Once this is done, you”ll soon find that the rest will follow suit and progress may come easier than you might have thought.

Try something new.

Each New Year bringsa new start and opportunity for a fresh positive outlook. By saying yes to opportunities without further deliberation, drives more stories and experiences of spontaneity in a month, than a year of conscientious decision making. Although I wouldn’t encourage recklessness (per se), I’m a firm believer that you only truly learn something new when you lose your inhibitions, get out of your comfort zone, and try something new.

The real secret.

What”s really amazing about this special time of year, is that there is in fact nothing special about it at all. In fact, if you treat each day with the same momentum and conviction you begin the year with, you”ll be amazed what can be achieved.

So why wait, reach out and see the magic happen.

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