The Cheat Sheet to Business: What a Client wants from a Commercial Advisor

I was lucky enough to recently attend a presentation by a Global Head of Reward from a leading FTSE 100 FMCG. The opportunity to hear from such a respected figure would have had me engaged from the offset, however the icing on the cake for me was the choice of topic. For anyone who is (or looking to) work in Professional Services, here”s an insiders view from one of the most powerful companies in the world aboutwhat a Client wants from a commercial Advisor.


Commercial Responsive - Timely - Pro-active Knowledgeable - Relevant - Accurate Character Clients are people too. Despite hearing similiar turns of phrase before, with all the hype that surrounds working with a client it”s often too easy to forget that at the end of the day, the client are just people too. From this, it”s easy to understand why a large factor in deciding whether they like their commercial advisor, boils down to whether they the advisor has a bit of personality. However intelligent you are, it’s just a pre-requisite for spiderman bouncy castle with slide obtaining the position you’re in, so where you can look to differentiate and excel is in aspects like personality. As seen above, here”s a cheat sheet to understanding and identified the clients top priorities. A huge factor for what they want in a commercial advisor is someone of true character.


Managing expectations is a concept I strongly believe is crucial to success with any client. However, what I find interesting is that often the ”expectation” itself is where a more subtle issue lies. More often than not, the yard stick we use to measure ourselves is based on our own intrinsic assumptions of what we think the client wants rather than what the client actually wants. Businesses are obsessed with measuring themselves, using a ruler to constantly benchmark ourselves against our competitors like a nervous school boy This disconnect is where a percieved performance and actual performance is We may think Derren Brown is gifted as he can read minds, but actually what we’ve been presented here is one better. Here we have been gifted with the cheat sheet to winning our clients hearts and minds. . We”re often so busy fretting about the others in the market, so by the time we deliver to the client and realises he measures success by weight, we realise all too late we’ve been using the wrong tools to measure ourselves all along.Free Shipping

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