Links, Tools and Resources


Zoom - Easy Video Conferencing and screen share

Similar Web - Web analytics and referral sources

Data Wrapper- Data visualisations


File Management & Storage

Dropbox Skydrive Google Drive

Social Media Tools

Buffer App - Useful app for scheduling sharing content across multiple platforms (twitter, Linkedin, Facebook) Mention Hootsuite Icerocket FollowWonk – twitter follower analysis Social Sprout (Haven’t used) Radian6 (Haven’t used) Trackur (Haven’t used) Sumall - Social Media Analytics for Marketers

Startup Resources

Product Hunt Eventhunt – Startup events in London Startup Playbook- Sam Altman

Mockups & Wire framing Tools

Before you start to wire-frame / mock up your application read this by @folleto Mockup.io - awesome tool to present app mockups within an iphone / ipad shell Invision - Online design-centric collaboration tool & Rapid Proto-typing /mockup tool Balsamiq Mockflow

Other Website Tools

Unbounce – Quickly create landing pages for pretotyping Sidengo - Simple website builder Bootstrap - one of the most popular front-end frameworks and open source projects Designly - Create a website without any code Strikingly - Easy to use, mobile-optimised sites


Buzzsomo - helps identify the most relevant content & influencers on a topic Feedly - great rss reader application for keeping up to date with news (needs internet) Circa - good for general news, served in tiny bite sized chunks so you can choose how deep into a story you go (can also follow stories)

Project Management Tools

Asana Basecamp

Business Development & Growth Hacking

Rapportive - One of the best free CRM tools available (via a Gmail plugins). Looks up the twitter, facebook & linkedin of anyone you email. Autopilot – interesting approach to inbound marketing Cystalknows – data driven persona’s for email communication Linkedinhack – Lowcost lead forensics Quickmail.io – sequenced email Linkedin Twitter Newsle - Emails you when people in your network are published / in the news Sidekick - Emailing Scheduling Mailmerge in google docs

Productivity Tools & Utilities

Guanxi.AI – Free email productivity tool for quick followups and relationship building

Boomerang - Email scheduling and follow-up reminders

Pocket - Easy way to save articles – work’s great alongside IFTTT (i.e I use it to save all my Linkedin links shared – see ‘receipe’ here) IFTTT - If This, Then That. A super easy way to automate simple tasks  between different applications (like linkedin, fb, twitter, evernote, gmail etc)

Cloudconvert - By far the best conversion tool from PDF to anything I’ve found.

Slideproof- Powerpoint consistency checker and slide library

Online Collaboration Tools

Mural.ly - The best collaboration tool I’ve used yet. Syncs with Evernote & GDrive. Invision - Online design-centric collaboration tool & Rapid Proto-typing /mockup tool

Coding (The Basics)

Dash by General Assembly - Unbelievably easy way to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript through fun projects you can do in your browser W3Schools Code Academy Favicon Generator 

Developer Tools

Tin Foil Security - simple, developer-friendly service that lets you scan your website for vulnerabilities and fix them quickly and easily (One free scan) Portable Python -A Python® programming language pre-configured to run directly from any USB storage device so you to have a portable programming environment any time. http://www.kimonolabs.com/ - Turn websites into structured API’s, and build mini web apps import.io - Structured web scraping https://scraperwiki.com/ - Structured web scraping, useful for twitter & social media dataset download

https://mapkit.io/ – Build on top of Google Maps

Awesome things

MIT Email Analysis - People Centric view of email

SEO, Analytics & Tracking

GoSquared  - Real time data analytics Google Analytics - Site analytics bitly - URL shortner and tracking SEOMoz Sumall - Social Media Analytics for Marketers

Images, Fonts & Graphics

Principles of Design – Visual.ly design principles Font Squirrel  - Free designer-friendly, commercial-use fonts Compfight - Visual search tool for Flickr ColourLovers - Colour palettes, trends and inspiration Themeleon - Twitter colour pallettes & themes

Presentations & Pitching

Prezi - a much better presentation tool than powerpoint… VC Pitch Advice - Need some inspiration for your pitch deck?  Here are 4 presentations to help you out  Reflector - (Paid) Mirrors Ipad / Iphone screen on PC or Mac useful for presenting or demoing apps Slideloot - Template Powerpoint Slides http://recordit.co/- Screen record into GIFS for demoing applications

Legal Docs

Template NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Learning Chinese (and other languages)

Pleco - Chinese Dictionary Serge Melnyks - Mandarin Podcasts Memrise – Gamified Language Learning Chinese Hacks - useful Chinese language learning tools

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  1. Natalie says:

    Hi Mahdi!
    These are really helpful links! I’m going to take a look at a few of the ones i’m not familiar with. Dropbox is a lifesaver!


    • Mahdi says:

      Glad you like them! I thought I would share the love and keep all the useful links I find! I’ll be updating it as I stumble upon new ones so you’ll have to keep that keen eye of yours out for when there’s new ones on the list :)